EU-BON poster Data Papers as Incentives for Opening Biodiversity Data  Building the European Gateway for IntegratedBiodiversity Information for GEOSS
Mobilization of data from historical literature through markup, data extraction and re-publishing Shortening the "long tail" of "dark data" The national responsibility approach and its policy relevance
An automated workflow based system to download, process and analyze remote sensing information: Creating knowledge to foster environmental decision making
EU BON in the GEOSS framework
Linkage of EU BON and GEO BON
Joining European forces for site based monitoring linking EU BON and LTER-Europe
The role of the European Biodiversity Observation Network (EU BON) for providing integrated biodiversity data Contribution of EU BON to the GEO framework Animal sound recording and citizen science applications
Pathways through the Global Biodiversity Informatics Landscape (Strengthening capacity to implement sustainable development) From data to decisions: Packaging marine biodiversity data and information to support decision-making Mobilising Citizen Science data for biodiversity monitoring
The European Biodiversity Observation Network and UN Sustainable Development Goals Data sharing tools for Biodiversity Observation Networks EU BON – Constructing the European Hub for GEO BON
Contributions of Biodiversity Observation Networks (BONs) to GEO targets: EU BON, a European case study Data sharing tools for Biodiversity Observation Networks Fauna Europaea - All European Animal Species Online
The European Biodiversity Observation Network: outcomes and products for GEO  



























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