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The European Bird Census Council (EBCC) is an association of expert ornithologists co-operating in a range of ways to improve bird monitoring and atlas work and thereby inform and improve the management and conservation of bird populations in Europe. EBCC will be represented in this project by the Forest Sciences Center of Catalonia (CTFC) which is formed by a Spanish consortium of different public authorities, including the University of Lleida and the Catalan Regional Government. With more than 120 staff, it is an applied research institution active in the fields of forestry, biodiversity, and sustainable management of natural systems and resources.


The main lines of action of EBCC-CTFC are to bring together those interested in the study of distribution, numbers and demography of European birds to:

  • Encourage monitoring of bird populations that is rigorously planned with clear objectives
  • To promote the development of indicators of biodiversity in Europe.
  • To run major international projects (e.g. European
  • Breeding Bird Atlas and the Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme). EBCC has also promoted International initiatives on the spatial modelling of bioidiversity such as the EBCC Spatial Modelling Workgroup which aims at producing of European trend and abundance maps from national bird monitoring schemes.


  • Assessment and evaluation of biodiversity data sources
  • Enhanced methods for species distribution modelling
  • Status and trends in populations in relation to associated drivers and scenarios of biodiversity change for a riskassessment.
  • Optimizing monitoring designs and improving their cost efficiency
  • In-depth analysis of biodiversity data use in conservation policy


WP 3 Improving tools and methods for data analysis and interface
WP 4 Link environment to biodiversity: analyses of patterns, processes and trends




Dr. Lluís Brotons 
  • Head of the Landscape ecology group and member of the EBCC board.
  • Research on biodiversity conservation, aiming at identifying the role of spatial heterogeneity on the ecology and distribution of vertebrate species in dynamic landscapes under global change.
  • Broad experience on designing and running biodiversity monitoring programs and developing new spatial modelling techniques.
Dr. Ruud Foppen 
  • EBCC Chairman and researcher at the Dutch Centre for Field Ornithology (SOVON).
  • Research on the development and application of population and distribution predictive models to better understand dynamics of bird species.
  • Involved in collaboration with the Dutch Birdlife Partner Vogelbescherming in the field of Conservation Biology.
Dani Villero 
  • Researcher at the Landscape ecology group at CTFC.
  • Development of spatial modelling tools and their application to decisionm aking in conservation and environmental contexts.
Dr. Nicolas Titeux 
  • Postdoctoral researcher at the Landscape ecology group (CTFC)
  • Research on the impacts of global change on ecological patterns and processes across a range of spatial scales and in human-modified environments
  • Experience in designing sampling strategies for biodiversity monitoring programs
Dr. Sergi Herrando 
  • Postdoctoral researcher at the Landscape ecology group (CTFC)
  • Modelling spatial distribution of bird species over Europe by means of citizen science
  • Development of indicators to track the impact of global driving forces on biodiversity using monitoring data


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